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From left: UTeach Dallas students Brea Baygents, Bernadette Charba, Alex Kangethe, Udit Bhatt and Zachary Regetz learn the ins-and-outs of managing a middle school science lab experience.

UTeach Dallas is devoted to recruiting, developing, and retaining a new generation of secondary mathematics, science, and computer science teachers at UT Dallas. UTeach started in 2008 at UT Dallas thanks to a generous donation from the National Math and Science Initiative. At the end of 2020, UTeach Dallas had over 350 students enrolled and is still growing. UTeach Dallas is proud to have graduated over 200 students with science or mathematics certification to date with approximately 30 new graduates expected each year. We will introduce about 170 new STEM majors to teaching each year, giving them a career option that changes lives.

If you are an undergraduate who wants to teach or a college graduate who wants to return for certification preparation then UTeach Dallas is for you. Click here to learn about our certification preparation program.

All students enrolled in the UTeach Dallas Program have the opportunity to participate in a paid internship. Find more information about our programs for current UTeach students including courses and degree plans. We also have scholarship support for STEM degree holders seeking teacher certification.

The UTeach Dallas Program relies a great deal upon funding from generous and foresighted donors. We are grateful to our current sponsors and welcome new contributions to our Endowment Fund. For more information, visit the Friends of the UTeach Dallas Program.

Experienced teachers who want to earn an advanced degree will find the Master of Arts in Teaching program within our Science and Mathematics Education department ready to tailor a program for them that address their strengths and interests. View a video below about the UTeach Dallas program and the growing need for well trained and knowledgeable math and science teachers.

Try Out Teaching

Sign up for the one-hour course, Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching to try out teaching!

  • Observe science or math classes at a local school.
  • Learn about excellent inquiry-based science, mathematics, and engineering instruction.
  • Design and teach three lessons at the school during the semester.

For more information, set up an appointment with our UTeach Dallas Advisor, call 972-883-6485, use the online scheduler, or stop by FN 3.308P to schedule an appointment.

One Degree = Two Career Options

 In Step 1, you have the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with only a little time and minimal financial commitment.

If you like it, you can continue in the UTeach Dallas program, where you can complete a degree in a STEM field and earn a secondary teaching certification.

You’ll be prepared to teach, and you’ll also be prepared to enter graduate school or work in STEM fields.

It’s two career options for the price of one.


*due to financial constraints of  the program Step 1 and 2 are no longer partially reimbursed. 
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More on UTeach from the National Math and Science Initiative from Exxon Mobil

 The U.S. is failing to produce and retain sufficient numbers of qualified math and science teachers, which impacts the success and future of our students and the ability of our country to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. In response to this growing crisis, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) began replicating a highly successful teacher training program, UTeach, in 2008. The program, which recruits and trains math and science majors for careers in teaching, is transforming the way universities prepare teachers for the 21st century. Read More
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