Prospective Students

Photo of UTeach Dallas studentsUTeach Dallas is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in a hands-on way. In your very first semester in the program, you will have the opportunity to develop and teach a lesson in a local classroom.  You can major in math, science, computer science, or engineering and pursue UTeach Dallas teacher certification preparation. You can also pursue any major at UT Dallas and complete requirements for teacher certification.

Post-Bacs are welcome to join UTeach Dallas program and may want to consider pursuing their MAT in Math or Science Education concurrently.

Scholarships and Financial Opportunities are available for UTeach Dallas students.

Certifications Offered by UTeach Dallas 

Which Scenario Best Fits You?

Entering Freshmen

UTeach Dallas is designed to assist students in becoming certified by the State of Texas to teach mathematics or science without adding any additional time to their proposed degree. For more information, click here.

Current Undergraduates or Transfer Students

The UTeach Program provides students a flexible entry plan no matter how far along they may be in their degree plan. The program has been created to assist you in meeting your professional goals. Students do not have to be enrolled in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to pursue teacher certification preparation through our program; there are several ways that you can work the required courses into your current degree plan. For more information, click here.

Current Degree Holders

UTeach Dallas offers individuals who have completed a Bachelor’s degree the opportunity to complete requirements for teacher certification in high school and/or middle school mathematics, science or computer science.  You can even complete your MAT in math or science education at the same time. We also offer certification with concurrent enrollment in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. For more information,  click here.

UTeach Dallas Student Handbook

UTeach Dallas Student Handbook (4-18-18)