UTeach Induction

UTeach graduates receive support for their first three years after graduation. Induction workshops are held approximately once a month for all graduates of UTeach in the North Texas Metroplex. We currently have a 93% retention rate and we know it is partly because of the Induction program.

UTeach Dallas Alumni PD Calendar_2020


Provide personalized support and resources to UTeach graduates for the first three years in the field.


  1. Increase retention of UTeach graduates in the classroom.
  2. Increase student achievement in new teachers’ classrooms.
  3. Move new teachers along a continuum from novice to expert teachers.


You choose the services you would like:

  • Navigating in a new school district and/or campus.
  • Observing model lessons taught in your classroom.
  • Assist with TTESS approved lesson preparation and implementation.
  • Using effective classroom management and procedures.
  • Responding to the unique needs of students.
  • Setting up your classroom.
  • Using feedback from student work to inform instruction.
  • Applying principles of learning.
  • Implementing cooperative learning.
  • Applying social emotional learning in lesson preparation.
  • English as a Second Language learner support.
  • Blended learning.
  • Using technology in the classroom.
  • Writing grants.
  • Applying for professional development opportunities.
  • Resources delivered and returned.


Pam Kirkland

UTeach Dallas

Master Teacher/Induction


[email protected]